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Diseños a medida

Custom designs

Elena Morales offers the possibility to customize her designs to your needs. “Every woman is different, our curves are different, and so are our bodies.”

That is why I offer an exclusive service of designing my custom-made pieces. Because every woman knows her body perfectly, and I love to design based on the needs and tastes of each one. It is one of my favorite parts of my profession. Create the design of your dreams and have it fit you like a glove. It is a precious process and one that I enjoy very much.

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Virtual consulting

Elena Morales está a tu

Elena Morales is at your

We offer a solution to the main problem that more than 80% of the society has “size imbalance”. We make your perfect swimwear regardless of your size.
Diseños a medida

Custom designs

We make each piece one by one, handcrafted, taking care of every detail and exclusively for you. It is essential that you have a tape measure so that we can explain how to take the measurements and let us know.

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