"Aware that sustainability is the way to achieve excellence in our products and meet the needs of today's society, we want to do our bit to reduce environmental impacts and bring an additionnel value to society".

The collection is always made with high quality fabrics. Approximately 80% of the fibers used are recycled materials. Its fabric is composed of 85% recycled polyester and 15% elastomer.

The dyes that we use contribute to the sustainability of water by reusing the same amount throughout the dyeing process until its maximum absorption. The clothes are manufactured in environmentally friendly facilities, in a socially responsible work environment. 

In fact, this is one of Elena's main concerns: the environmental impact that fashion has on our planet. 100% conscious and responsible, she has created a collection to dream about. To live in an eternal summer that never ends.

Modelo bikini - Elena Morales
Elena Morales - Equipo

"All this dream would not have been possible without the wonderful people that surround me. Family and friends who have supported me since I was a child. All that unconditional love and positive energy is also a very important part of my collection. "

In fact Elena, remembers with a lot of affection the work experience that she acquired thanks to important houses such as Ecoalf, Juan Duyos, Adolfo Domínguez and more others. She always refers to the humility with which she was treated by the greatest and with which she treats everyone now.

"What defines us in this life is not who we are, but the way we treat animals and other human beings".

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