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"Since I was a child, my parents said that I was the adventurous soul of the family. A dreamy girl with an immense desire to fly higher and higher, and to learn more in order to be able to dream better. That is why for a large part of my life I did not stop traveling. I was immersed in a constant search for myself. I needed to use my adventurous spirit. I needed to lose myself in order to find myself again.

So it was, on one of my last trips to Sri Lanka, that the inspiration of nature overwhelmed me and filled me with light. That trip permitted me to reach peace of mind and connect fully with my soul. From here, I could never stop creating. Nature set me free.

My entire collection is a tribute to that constant search of myself, to my travels, to nature and to the sea. A magical place that deserves to be protected.

Elena Morales is a tribute to my story, and I hope that if you immerse yourself in this small world of peace, it will benefit you and make you as happy as me.".

 Welcome to Elena Morales. 



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