Elena Morales’ story is based on her travels, searching for inspiration across the globe, providing each piece with an emotional, even spiritual, part. The essence of the collection is precisely this: the desire to share her passion for nature, animals, travel, art and the island lifestyle.


Born in Gran Canaria, she defines her collection as feminine, with pure yet sophisticated lines. This is a concept that she learned from her great-grandmother Lola, who was one of the most famous fashion designers on the islands in her day. Elena remembers watching her sew and create every day from her childhood until her grandmother's death at the amazing age of 103. Thanks to her, Elena learned the ins and outs of classical tailoring in great detail. We can appreciate that in each piece the designer works hard on the patterns because, as her grandmother Lola showed her, having a good design is one thing but if the pattern isn’t worked properly, the piece doesn’t fit right.


Her pieces are garnering a lot of recognition in Spain. Some of her bathing suits have even crossed the pond, where countless influencers have praised her designs as the purest “beachwear”.


Elena defines the perfect bathing suit as one that makes you feel comfortable and one that is favouring. It does not matter what type of woman you are or your size. Her collections are for real women who feel confident in a bathing suit that is fit to measure, making them feel free and feminine. In her collections, all of this is possible through the use of delicate, fresh and elegant lines that is achieved through the use of high quality materials with the aim of finding the most comfortable fit possible.


The collection is always made with high quality fabrics from Spain that have a sustainable certification, an accreditation that guarantees the absence of harmful substances and that are made in facilities that respect the environment, in a socially-responsible workplace. In fact, this is one of the areas that most concerns Elena: the environmental impact that fashion has on our planet. Being 100% conscious and responsible has created a collection to dream of. To live in an eternal summer that never ends.

“This whole dream would not have been possible without the wonderful people around me. Family and friends who have supported me since I was a child. All this unconditional love and positive energy is also an important part of my collection.”


In fact, Elena also warmly remembers the experience she got working at important groups such as Ecoalf, Tod’s Group and Abercrombie & Fitch, among others. She always refers to the humility she was treated with by the biggest companies and which she now applies to how she treats everyone. “What defines us in life is not who we are but the way we treat others, both animals and other human beings.”


For now, her signature women’s bathing suits and bikinis can be purchased in select multi-brand shops throughout Spain, at her own website and in online Market places that support the Slow Fashion movement.

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